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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar


3342 W Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27410

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(336) 294-7790

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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse at the Friendly Center is renowned for its upscale dining experience and exceptional steaks. Nestled in the vibrant Friendly Center shopping district, the restaurant offers a sophisticated atmosphere with dim lighting, elegant decor, and attentive service. Known for its prime steaks, aged to perfection and cooked with precision, Fleming's ensures a top-notch dining experience for steak enthusiasts. The menu also features a variety of seafood options, flavorful sides, and an extensive wine list, providing a comprehensive culinary journey. Whether for a special occasion or a refined evening out, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse stands as a premier destination for those seeking a high-quality dining experience in Greensboro.

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