Greensboro skyline

Greensboro Facts

Official Beginnings

Greensboro: 1808
Guilford County: 1771


Greensboro: 133.9 square miles
Guilford County: 658 square miles


Greensboro: 298,263 (2021)
Guilford County: 542,410 (2021)
Greensboro Metropolitan Statistical Area: 776,566 (2020)


897 feet

Average Yearly

Maximum: 69.3 deg F
Minimum: 48.8 deg F

Average Yearly

42.36 inches

Average Yearly

8 inches


Council/Manager Form – City Council comprises an elected mayor and eight elected council members (nonpartisan).

Tax Rates

Guilford County Sales Tax is 6.75%
Greensboro Hotel/Motel Room Tax is 6%


Alcohol Laws – The legal drinking age in North Carolina is 21-years-old. Alcoholic beverages may be served until 2am standard or daylight time. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased before 10am on Sunday. All alcoholic beverages are sold in state-controlled “ABC” stores, except for beer and wine, which may be purchased in wine specialty shops or convenience and grocery stores.

Speed Limits – The citywide speed limit is 35 mph unless otherwise posted. School zone speed limits are 20 mph or as posted. The statewide speed limit is 55 mph except where posted on certain sections of interstate highways.

North Carolina Safe Road Laws

North Carolina law requires that:

  • Drivers may turn right on red unless otherwise posted.
  • The state requires seat belts for all front seat drivers and passengers. Motorists will be fined $25 for failure to obey seat belt laws.
  • Children under the age of 8 and weighing less than 80 pounds must ride in a child-restraint device meeting Federal standards.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with an active passenger-side front air bag, and the vehicle has a rear seat, then a child less than five years old and less than 40 lbs. in weight must be properly secured in the rear seat unless the child restraint system is designed for use with a front air bag system.
  • Children less than age 16 are prohibited from riding in the open bed of a pick-up truck.
  • Children up to age 16 must wear an age appropriate restraint device regardless of where they sit in the car. Motorists will be fined $25 for failure to obey seat belt laws.
  • North Carolina law also requires drivers to use headlights whenever windshield wipers are used for inclement weather and motorcyclists are required to wear helmets and use headlights at all times.
  • If they can safely do so, motorists must move over to one lane away from any law enforcement or other emergency vehicle that is on the side of the highway.

Occupational Employment

Guilford County – 2022

Transportation and material moving 12%

Production 10%

Office and administrative support 13%

Sales and related 10%

Food preparation and serving related 9%

Management 5%

Business and financial operations 5%

Healthcare practitioners and technical 5%

Healthcare support 4%

Construction and extraction 4%

Installation, maintenance, and repair 5%

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