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Ava’s Cuisine and Catering


Address: 908 Cridland Rd, Greensboro, NC 27408


Phone: (336) 338-4256


Ava's Cuisine and Catering in Greensboro blossomed from Ava's passion for authentic flavors and community connection. Founded over a decade ago, Ava set out to infuse her culinary expertise into every dish, weaving together family recipes and innovative twists. What began as a humble kitchen venture for friends and neighbors soon evolved into a beloved catering company renowned for its diverse menus and personalized service. Ava's commitment to sourcing local ingredients and fostering relationships with local farmers further distinguishes her enterprise. With a blend of Southern charm and global influences, Ava's Cuisine and Catering has become a cornerstone in Greensboro's food scene, celebrated for its delicious fare and unwavering dedication to hospitality.

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