Awake The White And Wint’ry Queen

posted on December 2, 2019 by Paislee

“Awake The White And Wint’ry Queen”

A Winter Solstice concert celebration produced by: Scott Fray

December 20-21 at 8pm Van Dyke Performance Space

VIP Packages available for the December 20 performance

A seasonal concert celebration of the Winter Solstice, comprised of original music by local composer, Scott Fray. “Awake the White & Wint’ry Queen” spans melodic moods from the quietly contemplative, to the boldly dramatic. The show builds in momentum, featuring moments of great spectacle, as we sonically traverse the longest night of the year, embracing the joyous return to the light.
Showcasing seven principal vocalists, the concert experience comes alive with dance performances that weave gracefully through the storyline and original video elements that serve as backdrop. A smash hit with diverse audiences in its initial run, this updated production for 2019 will captivate and delight music-lovers and theatrical aficionados, alike.

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