NextStop Wine Shop

posted on June 8, 2020 by Amy Scott

Selling Craft Beer, Premium Wine, Mixers, and Fine Cigars

boho blu logo

Boho Blu

posted on July 8, 2019 by Amy Scott

A boutique experience at affordable prices. Three stores in Greensboro that includes curvy and outlet in downtown Greensboro. Everything is $70 or less.

Aspen Boutique

posted on by Amy Scott

Aspen Boutique women’s clothing and accessories shop in downtown Greensboro. Aspen Boutique is named after the aspen tree. An individual aspen tree is connected through its roots to its grove or aspen forest. They believe that individuals should feel connected to their communities, much like an individual aspen tree is to its grove.

Vintage to Vogue

Vintage to Vogue Boutique

posted on by Amy Scott

Vintage to Vogue Boutique specializes in slightly used, vintage and local designer clothing and accessories.

mindful supply

Mindful Supply

posted on by Amy Scott

Mindful Supply was built on of three things. Where our clothing comes from, how it’s made and who’s making it. It’s a successful eco-friendly supply chain where we grow the cotton, gin it, knit it, dye it, design and print it all here in the United States. And consumers have the unique ability to track…Read more


posted on September 13, 2019 by Amy Scott

A vintage and antique shop. A carefully curated collection of antiques, vintage items, ephemera, and home accessories in downtown Greensboro. Established in 2015. An old service station in downtown Greensboro and turned it into a vintage shop filled with unique items

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