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Westerwood Tavern

Westerwood Tavern is located in the Westerwood neighborhood; a residential enclave adjacent to downtown and in an area known for university professors, students and artists. Though it has been named Westerwood for only 12 years, it has been a drinking establishment for neighborhood residents for over 60. The ‘Wood (as regulars say) was revamped in June 2010 when co-owner and manager Mike Bosco came onboard. With his guidance, his staff has worked together to create a friendly and safe environment where people can come together.

The tavern staff makes every effort to provide some of the best drink specials in town. $3 any shot, $6.50 any beer and any shot combo, $2.50 Wicked Weed Wednesday, and $1 off day to name a few. Unique craft cocktails are just one option in this speakeasy. Others include an ever-expanding selection of craft beers in the cooler and on draught. Westerwood offers more than great drinks, however. Welcoming faces, great stories, new friends, and a diverse yet knowledgable community are all part of the experience.

The tavern is strongly committed to community.  Fundraisers are regularly hosted for local charities and organizations. The staff encourages positive attitudes and believes in the success of what they have come to know as family. In a quest to provide lots of fun, they regularly host dance parties, karaoke, trivia nights, and other special events.

The tavern truly represents a watering hole between Greensboro’s historic neighborhoods. It is one of the most diverse neighborhood bars in Greensboro. Many regulars have been coming through the door for over twenty years. Westerwood accepts all types of all ages. Even canine fur children are invited.

Westerwood Tavern isn’t just a place where everyone knows your name; those who visit Westerwood for the first time feel like they’ve found a home.

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