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Providence Farm

We are excited to be YOUR farmer! Our 20 acres is managed through principles of regenerative agriculture. Multiple species inhabit the farm, rotating through pastures & forest, each animals’ natural tendencies contributing positively to the overall health of the dirt & the environment. Our ethical approach to raising  poultry. sheep, and pork promotes whole habitat health – for domestic animals, and wildlife.  Free range poultry wander the property, rare breed sheep dot the pastures, heritage breed pigs lollygag and loiter about in the forested areas, and horses graze quietly alongside donkeys…all under the watchful eyes of our team of livestock guardian dogs.

Good stewardship of all that is in our care is our top priority – from the insects & frogs to the sheep, goats, and poultry…we are dedicated to serving our community through conservation, education and responsible, sustainable stewardship. Our ethically produced products can be found at our pop up markets and will be coming to our online store in the near future.


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2569 Huffine Mill Road
McLeansville, NC 27301
Phone:  (336) 707-2507 View website
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