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Maxie B’s Bakery & Dessert Cafe

The experience of serving old-fashioned cakes (and now pies!) to folks has led us to realize what an emotional connection that we all have with food … especially cake! Our bakery is devoted to honoring the time-tested recipes of our Southern heritage and celebrating fond, family memories. Thank you for all of your support over the years.

 OUR COMPANY ETHICS: We place the highest priority on a daily basis of making the best choices for our planet, customers, and staff. To that end, we carefully choose pure, fresh, local, and many, many organic ingredients. We select “green” packaging that is often made from corn, rather than plastic, and is made here in the USA. We use safe, non-toxic cleaning products. We are avid recyclers and we compost our paper, food and floral waste rather than putting it in the landfill. We support a long list of conservation nonprofits which can be found here on our website. Doing things the right way is the only way we know how!

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2403 Battleground Ave.
Greensboro, NC 27408
Phone: (336) 288-9811 View website
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