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Guilford College/ New Garden Heritage Community

The area known as Guilford College/New Garden became the city’s second Heritage Community by the action of City Council on September 2016. The community extends roughly from Bryan Boulevard on the north to West Market Street on the south and from Westridge Road on the east to I-73 on the west.

Settled by Quaker farmers in the 1750s, this area was chosen for the location of the New Garden Boarding School, the first coeducational institution of higher learning in the South.

Major engagements between British and American forces were fought here in 1781 and the Underground Railroad passed through the community. First Lady Dolley Madison was born here. Speaker of the House Joseph Gurney Cannon made his home here along with the Ferrell brothers of major league baseball fame. A school for enslaved Africans opened in the area in 1821. Early Quaker farmhouses still stand in the community as well as a German POW-built dairy barn.

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