Thank you GACVB

posted on July 21, 2021 by Amy Scott
After almost four years, countless blog and social media posts, it's time to say goodbye. Let's take a look at the joy of Greensboro, NC.


Getting to write The Streets of Greensboro Series - checking out the dining on Walker and Elam, Strolling down State Street, and sharing the hidden gems of Spring Garden St.  There is so much happening in Greensboro! Take your time to see what these streets have for you to do.

Getting to see the first Winter Wonderlight presentation at the Greensboro Science Center to getting to take selfies at the Rich Girls Museum. There is something for everyone in Greensboro, NC. There are over 135+ attractions, and getting to share all the opportunities is something I won't forget.


Attending and sharing events in Greensboro offered an exciting experience, from going to classic Downtown Greensboro Festivals - Fun Fourth, NC Folk Festival, & Downtown in December to the sporting events featuring athletes from all over the country and world - Irish Dancing Festival, AAU Junior Olympics, and swimming events at the Greensboro Aquatic Center (GAC).  The events the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau brings to Greensboro, plus getting to be a part of the process - priceless. 

I did add myself to the volunteer list, just in case they need me for a big event happening in Greensboro. Have you signed up?

Dine and Stay

If there is anything my time at the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau has showcased to me is the excellent dining and accommodations.  From AAA award-winning resort Grandover Resort and Spa to the eco-friendly place to stay and dine at Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro. The cuisine Greensboro offers is its own, and you will not find anything like it anywhere else. I would list all my favorites, but it would be the whole dining directory. 90+ places to stay, think about it, you could stay in a different hotel for over three months in Greensboro alone, and more hotels are coming. 


One of my favorite parts of Greensboro is the art - with over 100 public murals and public art - I could explore all the unique work for days.  I'm pretty sure my friends are tired of me stopping to take pictures of them too. Some of my favorites include the Jeansboro Statue on the cover of the 2019 visitors guide and the Greensboro Selfie Mural by Gina Franco located at MLK, Jr. and Elm Street in Downtown Greensboro.

Thanks #VisitGSO!

 Marketing Assistant Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau - Paislee Winkler

Top Photos Taken by Paislee Winkler Left: Black Cowboys Mural by Dare Coulter Center: Jeansboro Statue Right: Gloved Hand by Nils Bottom Photos: Left: Paislee Winkler Photo by Angel Alberto Right: Downtown Greensboro Selfie Mural Photo by Paislee Winkler