thank you note

Thank You Volunteers

posted on October 24, 2018 by Amy Scott

Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau thanks our Volunteers. Anyone can sign up and join. If you are interested in Volunteering with the Greensboro Convention and Visitors at upcoming events including RCMA, ACC Tournaments, and 2019 World Irish Dancing Champions. There are many perks to volunteering. Every volunteer will receive a shirt, jacket or vest for…Read more

The Intern Experience

posted on February 19, 2014 by C L

Have you met our Spring 2014 interns? This Spring the Marketing department of the Greensboro Convention & Visitors Bureau has 3 interns from High Point University. The senior and two juniors hope to work in communications/marketing or event planning after graduation. HPU recently published a media release on the three young ladies on the University’s…Read more