Josephine’s Bistro to become Scrambled

posted on July 30, 2015 by C L

Just about a month ago in June, Josephine’s Bistro, located on Spring Garden Street, announced its plans to close and re-open as “Scrambled”. Josephine’s, sister restaurant to Lindley Park Filling Station, has been a local favorite for years.

The new restaurant concept, “Scrambled”, will be a breakfast and lunch joint, diner style. The same idea of farm to table will still be carried on through “Scrambled”. The delicious food from Josephine’s will not be left behind, as the owners still plan to do catering with all of the traditional dishes they had while operating Josephine’s.

Josephine’s last dinner service took place on June 27th. In a rather quick chain of events, re-modeling has already begun. The restaurant’s location is still going to be the same, where the former Josephine’s was located.

While this sudden change has taken many long-time diners by shock, all of the dedicated supporters are excited to see all of the delicious things that “Scrambled” will offer to Greensboro.

Stay tuned for updates on the former Josephine’s Facebook page and website, and be sure to check out “Scrambled” when it’s up and running! We can’t wait to see the finished product!