Elsewhere’s Annual Extravaganza

posted on October 1, 2018 by Paislee



Elsewhere’s Annual Extravaganza features 3 floors of artworks, music, food, craft cocktails, dj’s & performances. Join us in celebrating a fantastic season with the best fundraising art party in the world’s only thrift store turned museum!

“Elsewhere is a magical little place in the middle of Greensboro.” -Gricelda P.

“thank goodness for places like this! just wish eye’d known of it years sooner! beautiful, enchanting, cozy, peculiar. derelict snippets of lovely intrigue and Story. co-creation and and ever-upcycling and radicalizing a curious history before yer very eyes.” – Ania Hornowski

Tickets on sale now!!! @ www.goelsewhere.org/extravaganza

Elsewhere Museum, November 10th 2018 8pm-12am