Downtown Greensboro Restaurant Wants You to Come Eat!

posted on August 22, 2015 by C L


Monday marks the start of the Downtown Greensboro Restaurant Week benefitting the construction of the Downtown Greenway.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Greensboro has some darn good eats….and for those of you who are, you already know what we’re talking about! A wide variety of restuarants will be participating in the weeklong food frenzy. Each of the included restaurants will feature a menu item for $20.18, with 25% of the proceeds going back to support the Downtown Greenway construction. The goal is to complete construction by 2018….hence the $20.18 theme!

The restaurants participating are:
-1618 Downtown
-Table 16
-B. Christopher’s
-Crafted: Art of the Street Food
-La Rue

That list sure gets us excited!

Be sure to come out to support the community and the construction of the beautiful Downtown Greenway…and get some good eats!