Crafted – Art of the Street Food

posted on August 7, 2015 by C L


Chef Chris Fuller has crafted something new and exciting in Greensboro! While the talented chef was already well-known for the popular downtown location of Crafted – Art of the Taco, Art of the Street Food has already proven to be a huge hit.

Art of the Street Food takes traditional street food, from all different parts of the world, and designs them in such a way to be enjoyed in a sit down setting that is still very casual and friendly. The ambiance of the new location is similar to that of Art of the Taco. The crowd is also very similar, always packed and full of people looking for good food to eat…an example of the new restaurants already booming success.

The new Crafted has a unique menu with items ranging from the “Tornado Potato”, a fried potato spiral with sweet and spicy sauce on top, to Samosas and Empanadas. Most dishes come in either a small or large option, making this a perfect place to go for sharing. Choose from 3-5 plates to share between two people and you will both get plenty of food and a little taste of everything, so you don’t miss out! And did we mention the dessert selections? Oh yeah….fried ice cream. Enough said!

Stop on over to Crafted – Art of the Street Food! They are open from 5 – 10 PM Tuesday through Saturday and are located directly next to one of Greensboro’s newest breweries, Preyer Brewing Company, at 600-C Battleground Avenue. But be sure to get there at a decent time, otherwise you might be waiting a little while….a wait well worth it though if you ask us!

You don’t want to miss out, can’t wait to see you there!