Christian Nodal Comes to the Greensboro Coliseum October 23rd

posted on June 21, 2022 by Thomas Marvin

Produced by Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), the 22-date tour will come to Greensboro Coliseum on Sunday, Oct. 23. The tour is called Forajido”.

“La Sinvergüenza”, Ya No Somos, Ni Seremos”, Vivo en el 6”, Limón con Sal”, Aguardiente” and El Karma”, are the six songs with the mariacheño style created by Christian Nodal himself .

Nodal has already reached the top spots on Spotify, YouTube, Vevo and Billboard with “Ya No Somos, Ni Seremos”, “Aguardiente” and “Vivo en el 6”.

Christian Nodal’s complete discography (4 albums) has positioned itself among the first 15 places on the Billboard list dedicated to albums of the Regional Mexican genre. Nodal has been named l the most successful Regional Mexican artist of all time by Apple Music. Additionally, the single that began his meteoric rise, “Adiós Amor,” is the most successful Regional Mexican song of all time on Apple Music. Nodal continues to lead the listings of the Regional Mexican genre on Spotify with 15.9 million listeners per month. Also, he is the first Regional Mexican solo artist to exceed 1 billion views on YouTube.


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