An attraction for all history buffs.

posted on June 6, 2014 by C L

If you travel just outside Greensboro into Jamestown, North Carolina you will find a unique and very rewarding piece of history.  Mendenhall Plantation features an 1811 house and fine old bank bar along with a cluster of outbuildings, a tanning table and multiple historic wagons.  These buildings were built by Richard Mendenhall, a well known and respected Quaker whose family traveled from Pennsylvania to North Carolina many years prior.  Richard’s house, which has been preserved to allow visitors to view every room, was used as a gathering place for residents and a stopover for travelers.  His home represents the community of Quaker tradespeople and farmers actively who opposed slavery.  His family also promoted education for all, including slaves, by having a small schoolhouse on the property.

When you visit Mendenhall Plantation be sure to see:


  • The False-Bottomed Wagon
  • The Pennsylvania “Bank Barn”
  • The Ragsdale Arrowhead Collection
  • The Lindsay House
  • The Medical Herb Garden
  • The Schoolhouse

To learn more about Richard Mendenhall and to visit the planation, please visit their website or stop by during their normal hours of operation: Tuesday-Friday: 11am-3pm, Saturday: 1pm-4pm, and Sunday 2pm-4pm.